AQUA 2015 – Main information

“Back to the Source”

Basic Facts

Our team is busy and working to prevent the coordinator from losing more hair… these are the basic facts about summer quickly approaching – this time with so called “sea scout jamboree” with its charismatic name AQUA 2015. For the seventh time already people from far and neer will meet at familiar places and here is what you should know if you are planning to come.

What is AQUA?

AQUA is the biggest national event of Slovak Sea Scouts which became international a long tme ago – a week full of adrenaline, full of water and full of activities bound to other “elements” as well. This is just one of many ways how it can be defined. They were just a group of rovers who came up with the idea, but it has won hearts of many and at the last one, in 2008, you could have met hundreds of participants from 12 countries.

August 10 – 17, 2015 | Námestovo, Slovakia

AQUA is going to take place in August on the shores of Orava dam – place where it originated. That is why our team gave it a subtitle “Back to the Source”.

Orava dam and its surroundings offer a great variety of leasure time activities. It is located near Slovak – Polish border, close to Západné Tatry mountain range, Babia Hora Mountain (the northernmost point on Slovak map), Orava Castle, open-air Museum of Rural Architecture…and many others.

AQUA Camp Site

You can reach AQUA Camp Site from Námestovo, which can be reached by coach from any major Slovak city (the nearest train station is in Tvrdošín). The place consists of two neighbouring camp sites on the shore of Orava dam.

GPS 49.410719, 19.503196

Accomodation and Catering

Participants are supoosed to take their own tents except Cub Scouts and those under 15 years of age whose accomodation will be provided in scout tents with wooden sides and floor. Each partaking group will be organized in one of several subcamps whith which they will share the same camping area and everyday program blocks.

3 daily meals (dinner served hot) are guaranteed in the participants fee.


As you can decipher from the event´s very name, major part of everyday program blocks will be bound to water. You should, however, prepare yoursepves for a great deal of earthbound shots with an addition of evening cultural program and a whole international socializing day. More program information will be comming soon in separate article.


AQUA is open to everyone whose age on the arrival will be equal to or higher than 10. Upper age linit IS NOT set, however, participants younger than 15 must prove their experience with water activities before their appolication is accepted. Older ones are also supposed to be not first-timers on water.

Staff Members

If you wish to become a member of our Staff Team and contribute thus to a better organized and timed event, you can register by filling a separate Staff form. There are 60 places in our team and most of them are being manned with interesting people able to help even in this very moment. So if you wish to experience some more AQUA this year, deffinitely let us know.

Participants´ Fee

This time the participants fee has been settled to 120€ equal for all who register before May 25. Full-time staff members will have their fee lowered to half – 60€.

How to register?

It is easy enough – just fill in the form bellow. In doing so make sure that you register as a 6-member group following rthree simple rules:

1) each 6-member “watch”  shall include at least 3 members able to steer a 2-seat canoe on stern (good handling of a paddle). Cub Scouts and inexperienced groups will be organized in the same subcamp with altered daily program.

2) Each 6-member watch should be led by an experienced and trained patrol leader (one of the six) able to coordinate the basic group life and logistics during the event.

3) One adult leader can be responible for a maximum of 11 other registered participants (max. of 2 groups registered under one adult)


Participants can register here

Staff members can register here