What is AQUA?

AQUA is an international scout camp with a focus on the aquatic program for boy and girl scouts from the age of 12.

And this year?

No one doubts that Atlantis was and that it probably disappeared. But did it really disappear? And if so, why? Did her own greed and disrespect for the environment, nature and the world as such, destroy her? Or did a higher power and natural elements isolate her from the surrounding world so that she could learn how to live in harmony with her surroundings in her hidden world? Come to AQUA 2023 and wake up the Atlantis with us!

Lots of great and varied activities await you! Have you and your friends seen a natural floodplain forest or floated down a water channel on rafts? Are you ready for a trip to Bratislava - the city on the Danube? Test your practical skills, develop your character and enjoy the good feeling of working on a community project!


Participant info

Registration Information

Participant fee

The participant fee of 250 € includes:

  • accommodation fee for the camp
  • equipment for activities – boats, rafts, material for workshops, and free-time activities...
  • AQUA ceremonies – opening and closing ones, an evening program on the International day
  • meals – from dinner on July 24th till breakfast on July 30th incl. plates and cutlery
  • travel and tour expenses which are part of the AQUA 2023 program

The fee does not cover:

Participant registration conditions

  • at least 12 years old (at the latest on the day of the start of the event, 24 July 2023, or after agreement with the organizing team - aqua@hkvs.sk)
  • can swim – doesn't have to be a great swimmer, but at least must be able to keep themselves above the water
  • paid the registration fee

Immediately after the registration we expect every participant under the age of 18 to send us the Guardian's consent via an e-mail to aqua@hkvs.sk. There are two copies on one page and each can be used for a different participant (we don't need it twice for everyone).
When entering the event we will require each participant to submit Declaration of non-infectiousness, signed by the participant or their guardian.
The templates for these documents are available in the header of this page (section "Documents").

How to register?


Patrols consist of an adult patrol leader and the patrol participants. The ideal number of patrol members is 9. However, it is also possible to register a smaller or bigger patrol - the minimum number is 5 participants, and the maximum is 11 participants plus a patrol leader. A patrol pays the registration fee together, as one payment.

If you do not have a patrol, you can try to find one to shelter you. Reach out to the scouts in your unit or your national scout organization, they might help your find other scouts who want to attend AQUA. It is not possible to register as a solo participant, you always have to have a patrol leader, who is responsible for you during the event.

IST – International Service Team

Are you 18+ and eager to gain new skills in organizing an international event? Would you like to get a second wind and revive your scout life? Are you not afraid of challenges and responsibility of important positions? Then you are in the right place! We would like to welcome Rovers and adult scouts to the International Service Team!

We do our best to make AQUA a great experience for staff members as well. Therefore we offer an opportunity to try a lot of program activities alongside the agreed duties. You could grasp and feel the touch of the ship ropes, raft down the wildwater channel, paddle at sunrise, or relax during the workshops. Are you coming?

Registration open until the capacity is filled

Our partners

Na hudobnom večeri vystúpia

Code of Conduct and Rules for AQUA 2023

  • At AQUA 2023, we all respect each other regardless of age, nationality, race, gender, religion, social status, or health condition.
  • Every Scout, regardless of their individual abilities, will have an equal opportunity to participate in all parts of AQUA as long as their personal safety is ensured.
  • We respect the boundaries and personal space of other participants. We understand that our diverse cultural and personal backgrounds may result in different perceptions of acceptable and pleasant behavior. Therefore, we always seek mutual agreement on how we interact, especially regarding any physical contact.
  • We strictly adhere to the safety measures and guidelines set by the organizers, which include, but are not limited to:
    • Everyone must visibly wear the appropriate identification elements (AQUA scout scarf + personal badge + wristband) throughout the event.
    • All adults present at AQUA 2023 are required to undergo Safe from Harm training and abide by its principles. Safe from Harm (Ochrana pred ublížením) a dodržiavať dané zásady.
    • If someone is observed moving within the camp without the designated identification elements, it is necessary to immediately notify the event organizers or a member of the Safety team.
    • Minor (under 18 years old) patrol members may leave the camp area only in the company of their patrol leader. IST members must report to the IST leader before leaving the premises.
    • Unless otherwise specified by the AQUA 2023 program, we observe quiet hours from 22:00 to 06:00.
    • Swimming within the premises is at your own risk and is only allowed in the designated bay area marked by buoys. Minors (under 18 years old) may swim under the supervision of their patrol leader or an authorized adult. Swimming in the bay after dark is not permitted.
    • Private vessels brought to the event may only be used within the bay area and in accordance with the rules of the event and the Divoka Voda premises rules.
    • Access to wild water channels and the quiet canal is only allowed during designated program blocks.
    • Entry into storage areas is permitted only upon the request of a relevant member of the AQUA 2023 team.
    • Entry into the premises of the Divoká Voda hotel is not allowed, except for the restaurant area, unless otherwise specified by the AQUA 2023 program.
    • Bringing, storing, or consuming psychotropic, addictive, hallucinogenic substances, and alcoholic beverages is prohibited within the premises. Drinks such as energy drinks, radlers, birels, and similar beverages are prohibited for minor participants. Entry under the influence of addictive substances is prohibited.
    • AQUA 2023 is a non-smoking event. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, with a minimum age limit of 18 years.
    • Carrying firearms, weapons, pyrotechnics, or any other objects that endanger safety is strictly prohibited. Knives with a blade longer than 9 cm may be carried only with the consent of the event organizers.
    • Starting fires is strictly prohibited unless otherwise specified by the AQUA 2023 program, as well as bringing highly flammable objects into the event area, such as gas stoves, water pipes, oil lamps, liquid fuel lamps, or any other open flame sources.
    • We separate waste and conserve water.
    • Handling of water, electrical, gas, and internet networks is not allowed.
    • In case of finding damage to the water, gas, or electricity source or network, it is necessary to immediately contact the event organizers.
    • In case of any injury or health issue (physical or psychological) being noticed, it is necessary to immediately inform the present medical staff.
    • For minor participants, sleeping accommodations can only be shared by individuals of the same gender. Additionally, it is not allowed for an adult and a minor to share sleeping quarters. In case of necessary exceptions, such as for family members, please contact the organizers of AQUA 2023 in advance.
    • Entry into someone else's tent is only permitted with the consent of the tent owner/occupant.s
    • Participants are not allowed to visit subcamps and areas designated for members of the International Service Team (IST).
    • The exchange of patches, scarves, and souvenirs is only allowed among peers. Selling any items is not permitted.
    • Climbing trees, buildings, fences, and other places where accidents can occur is prohibited.
    • Digging holes in the ground is prohibited unless otherwise specified by the AQUA 2023 program.
    • The presence of domestic animals is not allowed in the AQUA 2023 camp.
  • We adhere to these Behavior Guidelines for AQUA 2023 and the legislation of the Slovak Republic.
  • In case of any doubts or inappropriate behavior and actions, please contact the AQUA organizing team.

In case of violation of these guidelines and rules, the organizers have the right to exclude a participant from the event.

Terms and Conditions & GDPR

This is a document that specifies the terms and conditions of participation and general data protection regulation (further stated as "document") at AQUA 2023 (further stated as "event").
By registering for the event, participants or their legal representatives agree to this document. In the event of any breach of the terms in this document, the participant can be excluded from the event without a refund.

General conditions

Organizer of AQUA 2023 is Slovenský skauting, o.z. (Scouting Slovakia) residing in Bratislava, at Mokrohájska cesta 6, 841 04 Bratislava (further stated as "SLSK"); Hlavný kapitanát vodných skautov (the Slovak Sea Scouts Council of Captains; further stated as "organizers"). You can contact SLSK also at the following e-mail address: ustredie@skauting.sk and by phone: +421 2 446 40 154. Organizers of the event can be contacted by e-mail address: aqua@hkvs.sk

The event is governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic. The rules and regulations set out by SLSK and organizers are to be respected at all times. The participants are obliged to follow the rules of conduct in the area (camp rules), which will be issued on-site by organizers.

Organizers reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions if there are significant changes in the event's organization.

Sign up conditions

Participant in the event is every person registered via the event's registration form. There are three types of participants:

  • International service team (IST) member - adult (18+ years old) volunteer
  • patrol leader (PL) - adult (18+ years old) responsible for her/his patrol
  • patrol participant (PP) - a member of a patrol, guided by PL

IST members register via the registration form independently.

PPs register via their PL, using this form, forming a patrol of 6 to 12 persons (5-11 participants and one patrol leader). PPs must be aged 12 or above (at the beginning of the event at the latest) unless agreed otherwise with organizers. Participants under 18 years (born after 24. 7. 2005) are to provide written consent of participation from their parents/legal guardians. The parental consent form can be found here. PLs that accompany patrols have a duty of care and are responsible for the behavior, safety, and well-being of the patrol members. 

All patrol participants must be able to swim. IST members can be allocated to a position that does not require swimming ability.

All participants must be members of their National Scout Organization (NSO), a member of WOSM or WAGGGS. Each NSO accepts full responsibility for its members taking part in the event and for ensuring that the PLs and IST members can fulfill their duties. 

An exception to these terms and conditions can be given in special cases by the organizers.

Participant fee

The participation fee is set to 250 € for participants in patrols and 120 € for IST members. Patrols pay the fee for all its members as one payment; IST members pay individually. All fees must be sent before the date specified by the organizer of the event.

The fee includes a camping spot including all related charges, the AQUA 2023 program with all related equipment and transportation, and meals for the duration of the event from dinner on the 24. 7. 2023 till breakfast on the 30. 7. 2023 including plates and cutlery.

The fee does not include insurance. It is recommended that the participants insure themselves with appropriate insurance coverage, such as travel insurance for the period before arrival at the start of AQUA 2023 and until after the finish of the event, together with medical insurance (slovak insurance)

Furthermore, the fee does not include include any personal equipment (such as personal hygiene or sleeping needs - tent, sleeping bag, and pad...) nor the transport to and from the event itself outside the program blocks.

Storno conditions

Upon payment of the participation fee, the registration becomes binding, and any changes are subject to these cancellation conditions.

Organizers reserve the right to cancel the event entirely if serious unforeseen circumstances occur. These cases of serious unforeseen circumstances are considered to be, in particular, cases where such an unusual circumstance makes the realization of the event impossible or possible only with significantly increased safety, health, financial or legal risks. These are, in particular, cases of natural disaster, civil unrest, a significant increase in the risks associated with the COVID epidemic, or measures taken by the relevant authorities which significantly limit or hinder the planned course of the event.

If organizers cancel the event, participants will be refunded the amount equal to the proportional share of the budget balance after paying all the necessary expenses related to the preparation and/or cancellation of the event.

In case of a breach of these terms and conditions by a participant, the participant forfeits any right to a refund of the participation fee.

If the registration is canceled for any reason by the participant before 31. 5. 2023, the participant has a right to a refund of:
a) PPs and PLs 78 % of the paid fee;
b) ISTs 50 % of the paid fee. 

If the registration is canceled for any reason by the participant after 1. 6. 2023, the participant forfeits any right to a refund of the participation fee.

If PPs cancel their participation, the rest of the patrol must still meet the required number of its members (minimum 5 PPs + PL).

A change of participants will be allowed, and the participation fee can be transferred to the new participant. In case of changing PPs, such change of participants must be agreed upon beforehand with the affected patrol leader. By registration, the new participant agrees to this document. If you want to change participants, contact us by e-mail.

In case a participant does not attend due to serious health issues, a maximum of 20 % of the participation fee will be refunded upon presentation of a medical report. A written medical report must be received no later than on 30. 07. 2023 to email aqua@hkvs.sk.

Personal data processing

By registering for the event, participants or their legal representatives willingly agree to the administration of provided personal data. The administrator of the personal data is SLSK. Information on the administration of personal data by SLSK can be found here.

The personal data, for which we are asking in the event registration form, will be processed on participant's consent expressed by a clear confirmation action (§ 13, article (1), letter a), concerning the Act 18/2018 on personal data protection, Collection of Laws of the Slovak Republic).

We will process the collected personal data only for communication purposes and further administration and coordination of the AQUA 2023 event. The personal data will not be shared with any third-party service, company, or person.

Furthermore, by registering for the event, participants or their legal representatives agree to the acquisition and processing of participants' photos and/or audiovisual material during the event and to the usage of that material for the propagation purposes of SLSK.

Participants can withdraw their consent anytime by contacting the AQUA organizers team. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

Participants also have the right to access their personal data, rectify it, delete it, transfer it, and restrict its processing. One can obtain full information about the rights concerning personal data administration from https://gdpr-info.eu/ or in Act 18/2018, Collection of Laws of the Slovak Republic.


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