Sail with Castor Pollux and claim your place in the sky by their side!

Come and experience adventures of two brothers, whose devotion brought made them immortal among gods and in heroic tales.

You will go on an expedition with mythical Argonauts, you’ll help Gemini free their sister Helena and steal the golden cloak.

Will you show enough courage to live among them between stars forever?

Basic information

06. – 12. august 2017

dam Sĺňava near Piešťany. (N48.574536 E17.823375)

Who can participate?
all scouts 12 years old or older.

When and how to register?
november 2016 – march 2017

You should register as groups of 10 scouts (9 participants + 1 responsible person (18 years old or older)).
If you already know you want to come and are interested in newest information from the kitchen, fill out this form and we’ll keep you updated.

What is waiting for you?

5 days full of outdoor activities, community project but first of all water sports like canoe, wild water, sailing and many more.

We believe that you’ve found all the information you were looking for and we’re looking forward to seeing you at AQUA 2017.