Team meeting in Haluzice

During the second February weekend, another AQUA team meeting took place. This time we met at cozy forest kindergarten Halúzka (literally means “Twig” 🙂 ) near the city Nové Mesto nad Váhom.

Friday evening was in the mood of a friendly meeting at the table with boardgames and food. We also did a short contemplation to tune into AQUA 2020 waves.

The beams of sunlight woke us up the next morning. We started the day by exploring the surroundings; we got down to the Gorge of Haluzice as well as up to the sightseeing tower Hájovňa. We managed not only to have a little chat but also to find three geocaching boxes! 😉 You can take a look at our track below. 🙂
After lunch and coffee, we sat down to get the work done. The whole afternoon was very fruitful and we ate dinner with a good feeling of a well-done job. The evening spontaneously turned to debates on various topics. Our overwhelmed minds were cleaned by a short stroll under the stars.

The program for Sunday was left to preliminary planning of our next team-meeting, voluntarily attendance to a mass and delicious breakfast. Then the time came to say farewell… But we are looking forward to the next gathering. And especially to the biggest one, in summer, at Liptovska Mara – with you! 😉


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Lf Hiker | E.Pointal contributor

Haluzice AQUA 2020 track   


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