Water trips on Prielom Hornádu in National park Slovenský Raj

Hello everyone who likes river trips just a little bit!

We’ve received a new update about the long awaited river trip on the river Hornád, more exactly in a section which is located in National Park Slovenský raj. This activity is being renewed by Správa NP Slovenský raj approximately after 20 years.

Správa NP of Slovenský raj is planning on starting regulated river trips of canyon Prielom Hornád from May 2016. It is an answer to high demands of public to this activity. But bacause this in an activity that poses a burden and an environmental risks for nature of Slovenský raj, it will be always monitored and under constant supervision of Správa NP of Slovenský raj.

http://www.sopsr.sk/slov-raj/aktualita.php?id=548.573040, 17.824964

River trips through Prielom Hornádu in National park Slovenský raj will be allowed from May 1st to October 31st.


Permission for river trip has to be granted by Správa Národného parku Slovenský raj for max 70 ships/day after they’ll meet following conditions

  • water level of river Hornád on the measuring scale in Hrabušice on the day of the river trip at 8:00 AM has to be in range from 70 cm to 110cm – www.shmu.sk
  • registration for the river trip was sent to e-mail splavprielomuhornadu@gmail.com where your request for specific date of river trip was reviewed and confirmed by a worker of Správy NP Slovenský by replying to you with a confirmation e-mail.
  • all participants of the river trip have been familiarized with rules on the water at the starting place in location Hrabušice, Mýto – most

Based on whether you meet the conditions, the worker of Správy NP Slovenský raj will give you a permission (ticket) for your river trip on the day at the starting place in Hrabušice,Mýto – most at 8:00am, 11:00am and 2:00pm.

River trips on this stretch of river Hornád are charged a fee. Fee for one person per river trip is 10€. Fee includes insurance in case of an accident that would require help of the mountain rescue service.

All illegal water trips on this stretch of river Hornád will be fined by Správy NP Slovenský raj up to 66€.

For scouts there is a possibility of accomodation in scout building in Vydrník:


Thank you Lesky!


More and updated information about water trips on this part of river Hornád can be found on npslovenskyraj.sk .