Requirements for registration

Scouts aged 12 and above can register to AQUA 2021. Participation of younger scouts is only possible after beforehand agreement with organizers – contact us via email on Every participant must also be able to swim – at least to float on the water. We will ask for a declaration about it from each participant (or legal representative) along with a statement of non-infectiousness shortly before the event.

Patrol leaders and International Service Team (IST) members are required to be at least 18 years old during AQUA 2021. The official language of AQUA 2021 is English, thus it would be appropriate for patrol leaders and ISTs to speak English at least on a communication level.



Registration is split into two rounds. The first one ends on 31.1.2021 and if registered before this date, the participant’s fee is 155 €. In the second round, which lasts till 30.4.2021 the fee is 165 €. The payment deadline is 15.2.2021 for the first registration round, then always 14 days upon receiving the payment information.


How to register

Registration for AQUA 2021 is available via the registration system. After entering your email address, you will be sent a link for registration. After clicking on the link, you will choose a role, in which you want to register. Fill in the needed information and send the registration for approval. You will be sent an informative email about every step.

After locking the registration, we will check it. It will be either approved and you will be sent payment information or it will be sent back to you for editing – the reason for rejection will be written in an email.



Participants are registered in patrols consisting of an adult patrol leader and the patrol members, for whom is the patrol leader responsible during the whole event. The ideal number of patrol members is 9. However, it is also possible to register a smaller patrol – the minimum number is 3 participants plus a patrol leader. A patrol pays the registration fee together, as one payment.

If you do not have a patrol, you can try to find one to shelter you. 🙂 Contact us via E-mail, we will reach to the patrol we know of and see if you could join any of them. It is not possible to register as a solo participant, you always have to have a patrol leader, who is responsible for you during the event.



Rovers and adult scouts are welcome to join the International Service Team (IST). This team helps with organization of AQUA 2021, it would not be possible without them! 🙂

If you are at least 18 years old and want to gain new skills and experiences, help with organizing an international event, and meet lots of new scouts – join us!