AQUA 2017 Staff Registration

Welcome to registration page for AQUA 2017 Staff!

In next lines you’ll find all the basic information and requirements for your registration to be successful. Therefore please read them carefuly and in case of any uncertainities contact us via email at, and fill in the form.

When exactly is AQUA 2017 going to happen?

The staff team is going to be there from August 5th to August 13th (so we’ll meet up a day earlier than the participants and our afterparty will be a day longer 😉 ).

Who and how can you register?

Everyone who will be at least 17 on the first day the AQUA starts.

You can specify what you’d like to do at AQUA at the bottom of the form (program animator, serving food, taking photos, first aid, etc.).
If you WILL NOT specify what you’d want to do, a staff supervisor will contact you after your registration will be verified and you’ll talk about what you could do at AQUA.
If you WILL specify what you want to do at AQUA, you’ll be contacted by the leader of the group under which that activity is categorized.

What’s the staff registration fee?

60 € for each staff member

This fee includes food (3x/day), AQUA t-shirt and scarf, camping fee (you’ll need to bring your own tent).

So now that you know everything important you can go ahead and fill in the blanks below. 😉