Czech project “Water or Alcohol?”

Projekt Voda nebo alkohol
(Caption: Water or Alcohol?)

We’ve encountered the problem with alcohol many times on the rivers of Slovakia. Many people drink right as they wake up, because it’s some kind of a tradition for them, without realizing that it might cause serious problem on the water. In our prganization we have something called “dry law” while on the water. Many of us are responsible for kids and teens what is the cause for the dry law to be absolute from the beggining to the end of the trip and for all participants.

Many countries struggle with alcohol onboard as well. In the Czech Republic the project called ” Voda nebo alkohol?” (“Water or Alcohol?”) has been started which is supported by organization of Czech Scouts and Guides – Junák. More about problems with alcohol and goals of this project can be found on following websites.

Link to the project website:

Article published on the website of HKVS (Czech Sea Scouts Headquarters):

Article about boat-bars on rivers of the Czech Republic:

We encourage all people to stay safe by not drinking before or during trips on water. You don’t have to take is all the way to the ablosute ban of alcohol the way we do it, but it’s definitely safer to celebrate a successful passage after completing it than celebrate first and having to rescue someone from the water. Overestimating your abilities can be very dangerous.

Have a great time!

Projekt Voda nebo alkohol