[:sk]AQUA 2020 – „Atlantída, prebuď sa!“[:en]AQUA 2020 – „Atlantis, wake up!“[:]


No one doubts that Atlantis was and that it probably disappeared. But did it really disappear? And if so, why? Did her own greed and disrespect for the environment, nature and the world as such, destroy her? Or did a higher power and natural elements isolate her from the surrounding world so that she could learn how to live in harmony with her surroundings in her hidden world?

Basic information




19. júl – 25. júl 2020




Liptovská Mara – Marina Liptov


Who can participate?


Všetci skauti od veku 12 rokov (vrátane), skauti vo veku 8-11 sa môžu zúčastniť po dohode s organizátorom (prostrednictvom mailu)




150€ v prvej vlne registrácie


160€ v druhej vlne registrácie


Čo ťa čaká?


Účastníci zažijú program zameraný nielen na praktické zručnosti, ale aj na rozvoj charakteru a službu okoliu. Deje sa tak prostredníctvom širokej škály aktivít.


Tu je menší výber z nich: jachting, treking, paddling, hry, workshopy a mnohé ďalšie.

Ak ťa niektorá z týchto aktivít zaujala, sleduj nás na aqua.sk a aj na našej Facebookovej stránke ( https://www.facebook.com/aquaSlovakia/ ) a dozvieš sa viac.




Noone doubts that Atlantis existed and probably perished. But did it really cease to exist? If so, what was the reason? Was it destroyed by its own greed and disrespect for environment, the nature and the world as it is? Or was it a force majeure and forces of nature that isolated it from the rest of the world, so it would learn how to live in unity and harmony with its surroundings on its own hidden continent?

Basic information




July 19. – July 25. 2020




Liptovská Mara – Marina Liptov


Who can participate?


All scouts and sea scouts 12 years old and older (for participation of younger scouts consult the host)


How much?


150€ in the first run of the registration


160€ in the second run of the registration


What can you look forward to?


Participants will experience a programme focused not only on practical skills, but also on character development and community service. This is to be achieved through a wide range of activities.


Here are a few of them: yachting, trekking, paddling, games, workshops and many more.

If we have sparked your interest then follow us on aqua.sk and on our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/aquaSlovakia/ ) to learn more.

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